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We Buy Fresh BigEye Tuna at the Honolulu Fish Auction for You

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Based in Honolulu, Hawaii Super Fish is uniquely positioned to buy fresh seafood from the world renown Honolulu Fish Auction (United Fishing Agency). This state of the art auction facility regularly offers up to 100,000s of pounds of fresh seafood everyday. Although there are many varieties of high quality seafood available at the auction, the perennial star of the auction is the much loved Hawaiian BigEye Tuna.

Hawaiian BigEye Tuna is one the finest tunas in today's world fish market. Succulent flesh and flavorful fatty  parts are hallmarks of Hawaiian BigEye. A large proportion of Hawaiian BigEye Tuna  contain large quantities of flavorful fat (aka Toro). These wonderful qualities are why the Hawaiian BigEye Tuna consistently delights discriminating sushi and sashimi lovers across the globe.

"Through efficient operations and one of the industry's lowest commission fees Hawaii Super Fish is proud to make enjoyment of one of Hawaii's most naturally delicious gifts an economical reality to the world."

The price of BigEye fluctuates based on two key factors: (1) the season and (2) the number of boats coming to the auction on a particular day. For example, with relatively few long-line boats participating at the auction, the price tends to the high side. In contrast, if there is a relatively high boat count (e.g. 7 boats), BigEye can be purchased at a bargain.

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Below are some realistic pricing scenarios to ship Hawaiian BigEye Tuna of various quality levels (#1,#2+, and #2) to your airport:

While these scenarios reflect fairly realistic sample pricing (all inclusive), more accurate pricing can be calculated knowing the delivery airport. You may submit this information using the inquiry form below.

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